Minnesota storms can damage your property, even without you knowing it. Guardian Construction can perform a free full property analysis to be sure you maximize your insurance claim.

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I might have storm damage, what do I do now?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my rates go up if I file a claim? No. It is illegal for your insurance company to raise your rates for any storm claim. They can raise rates in a specific area, like a city or neighborhood, if they determine it to be a “storm area” so it is in your best interest to file a claim if you have one. Otherwise your neighbors may cause your rates to go up and you may be stuck with unrepaired damage.

What are my possible costs? All of the inspections and analysis are absolutely free!. Your only cost would be your deductible, usually $500-1,000 and any upgrades you would want us to do over and above the strom claim.

Do I need a contractor to meet the adjuster? No, but its to your advanatage. First, its free. Second, our sales staff will not only make sure all of the damage is seen by the adjuster, we can also point out other claims in your neighborhood which helps make the case for your house.

How can I tell if I have damage? Other than obvious damage (holes in vinyl siding, missing shingles) it is very difficult to see storm damage. Hail damage on shingles can only be seen from a foot or two away. Dents in aluminum sometimes require water or chalk to make noticeable. We know all the tricks and have all the training to find the damage that you may not.

If the damage is so hard to see, do I really need to fix it? Most of the time, yes. Some damage is only visual, but most of it is not. Hail damage on roofs take years off the life of your roof. Wind damaged shingles may blow-off 2 or 3 years later when you are no longer covered. Dents to windows or fascia can cause seals to break and water intrusion. Plus, all of it hurts your resale value and all of the inspectors that new home buyers hire know exactly what to look for!

How long do I have to file a claim and get the work done? Most insurance companies give you 1-2 years to file a claim after the storm hit, and 1 year after the claim date (the day the adjuster comes out) to get the work done.

Is my landscaping covered? Most of the time it is not covered. A couple exceptions are for trees that fall on your house or end up across your driveway. But check with your insurance company; each one is different.