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Roofing with Cedar Shakes

Cedar Shakes can give your home a natural beauty that only real wood could offer. They look great on the right home, but are a more expensive option. You can expect cedar shakes to last 20-30 years on a properly ventilated roof, but the natural shakes do not come with a manufacturer's warranty. For improved longevity and a 20-year warranty, a treated shake is also available; which will help protect your roof from all kinds of weather. Keep in mind that the treated shakes are slightly more grey in color than the non-treated variety.

Shakes come in three thicknesses:

The thicker the shake, the better the protection and look. Pictured below is a Heavy cedar shake that has been treated.

All of our cedar shakes have been approved from the Cedar Bureau, a non-profit organization which helps ensure the quality of that specific roofing application. Please visit for additional information.

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