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Low-Slope Roofing

Low slope roofs are defined as any roof that has a slope between 2 in 12 to a 3 in 12 pitch. These 2 to 3 pitch roofs are typically found on additions or front porches. A special roofing product called Roll Roofing needs to be used as standard asphalt shingles will not keep rain and snow from getting down to your roof deck. Your Guardian representative will be able to calculate your roof slope.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs have slopes that are 1 in 12 pitch or less. These roofs are not covered in an asphalt shingles but a rubber membrane or EPDM system. These roofs are more costly that asphalt roofs and harder to keep water tight, but are also necessary. We are experts in replacing these systems, including the metal flashings that typically surround them.

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