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Roofing Repair and Installation

The most durable of roofs, these systems are typically priced 4-6 times more than your usual asphalt roof. The biggest advanatge is life exprectancy. Metal roofs can last 50+ years on your home and some insurance companies offer discounts due to this durability. Metal roofs are manufactured in a variety of styles. Below is a brief description of the different types:

Standing Seam

A standing seam roof is constructed of many interlocking panels that run vertically from the roof's ridge to the eave. The interlocking seam where two panels join together is raised above the roof's flat surface, allowing water to run off without seeping between panels.

Stone Coated

For those that want a less manufactured look, these metal roofs are coated with granules to exhibit a more traditional look. This system still consists of interlocking panels and installation is virtually the same. Show here is a shingle style by Decra.

Style Metal

Many manufacturers have also created metal roofs to resemble various types of other expensive roof materials. Shown here is a design meant to mimic a Spanish Tile roof made by Gerard. Other designs will look like Cedar Shake (link to cedar shake page) roofs, Slate, other Tile roofs, and Copper roofs.